Mahajanaka EP

Mahajanaka EP, released via Nonostar Records, is available now via all good digital platforms. It features a remastered version of the original Mahajanaka track, which came out of the research process for the dance and music show Mahajanaka Dance Drama, plus a live performance version from a concert in Berlin with Anne Müller and Alex Stolze as part of a Solo Collective tour. There are also two exclusive remixes by Colombian producer Atlasov and Oxford sound wizard Emseatee.



Solo Collective Part One released via Nonostar Records on CD, vinyl and digital is out now! Solo Collective is a new ensemble comprised of myself alongside German chamber musicians Alex Stolze (violin) and Anne Müller (cello). We're a rotating cast of three soloists who take turns in the spotlight, with the other two providing supporting roles. 


Drum Pyramid (stereo mix)

Drum Pyramid (stereo mix) is a taster for my score for contemporary dance piece Puzzle Creature by Neon Dance. Drum Pyramid features my good friend and drum genius Greig Stewart, and it was mastered by Lupo at Calyx in Berlin.

Empathy 1 by Neon Dance.png

Vinyl Only DJ Mix For Neon Dance Piano Day 2018 Wild Card event at Sadler’s Wells.

  1. The Snowman soundtrack intro

  2. Memoria - Murcof

  3. Moonbow - Spindle Ensemble

  4. Gnossienne No. 1, 2, 3 - Erik Satie

  5. Jynweythek Ylow - Aphex Twin

  6. Balinese Gamelan field recording

  7. Will You Gamelan for Me? - Colleen

  8. Thai Piphat music field recording

  9. Quartet For The End of Time (extract) - Olivier Messiaen

  10. Pyramid Song - Radiohead

  11. Mallet Guitars Three, Second Movement - Ex-Easter Island Head

  12. In A Landscape (John Cage) - Murcof x Vanessa Wagner

  13. Grey Oceans - CocoRosie

  14. Electroconvulsive Shock (Falling From Trees soundtrack for Neon Dance) - Peter Broderick

  15. Teardrop - Massive Attack

  16. Holy Island - Sebastian Reynolds with Anne Müller