Neon Dance invited me to create a score for their Bath Spa University commissioned work 'Manuals for Living and Dying' in November 2016... 

Resident at 'Museum of Bath at Work' for the week I was inspired by the work of the great Luigi Nono, and in particular his seminal 1964 work for 4 soprano and tape four track Il Fabbrica Illuminata (The Lighted Factory), which depicts the lives of the steel mill workers in the mills of Northern Italy. It seemed like a very fitting starting point for the sound design that I created for the piece as the work was the first of its kind in terms of music made specifically about the life of the factory workers, and to be performed within such spaces. I worked alongside choreographer Adrienne Hart, dance artist Tilly Webber and lighting designer Stuart Bailes. 

'Manuals for Living and Dying' opened on 11th November and received 3 sold out performances. The audiences were guided around the museum and treated to a re-imaging of the space as envisaged by Neon Dance. 

As someone who is very familiar with the spaces it was quite an experience to see the show, which was by turns startling and elegant.
— Stuart Burroughs, Director of the Museum of Bath at Work